ARGOs Released as Newest Diggerland Attraction

8-Wheels of Amphibious Fun

You Go, We Go, ARGO!

Diggerland USA, has released yet another attraction adding to their 2015 series of new attractions which recently included The World’s Fastest Backhoe and a fleet of JCB Workmax Trucks.

The latest attraction, a fleet of 8-wheeled all terrain ARGOs will allow children and their families to get in the driver’s seat and take the UTVs around a newly designed off-road course.

Don’t be surprised if you have never seen anything like the ARGO. These vehicles are designed to operate through terrain otherwise deemed impassable and can actually operate amphibiously – driving across bodies of water – as featured in this recent episode of Duck Dynasty on A&E.

Guests at least 36″ tall can ride the ARGOs at Diggerland with a minimum driver height requirement of 48″.

Read the Full Press Release Online.

Love Argos so much you wish you could take one home? Good news, you can! Guests interested in renting an argo by the day, or purchasing a unit to own can visit the UTV Masters website. UTV Masters is a licensed Argo dealer based out of and located at Diggerland USA.

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