The Greased Beast UNLEASHED

Our Newest Attraction “The Greased Beast” is NOW OPEN!

The Greased Beast is OPEN to the public as of Saturday, March 25th!

For many, riding in a dump truck might be a once in a lifetime experience. Diggerland will take that experience a step further this year with their latest attraction, the Greased Beast, which seats guests, not inside the cab, but in the back of a demolition trailer complete with hydraulic systems poised to bring its occupants 34 feet in the air before a simulated “dump” of its cargo.

The latest attraction features 13 custom built seats in the rear hopper section of a steel demolition trailer, which is roughly twice the length of a typical dump truck bed and therefore twice the height when fully erect. The attraction raises passengers over 30 feet in the air as the machine’s tail gate opens and vibration activates; giving the riders a simulated experience of being a dump truck’s payload.

“Typically a dump truck or demolition trailer of this size would be used to haul debris from a construction site too heavy or cumbersome for a normal dump truck to carry,” said Ilya Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. “The Greased Beast will haul our guests up and over the park for a truly unique, suspenseful experience.”

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