Stunt Shows


Diggerland hosts a machinery stunt show featuring heavy equipment acrobatics under the direction of Backhoe Brandon.

Brandon is highly skilled equipment operator capable of maneuvering JCB 3CX Backhoes in ways you previously thought might be impossible. Brandon is only part of the show… wait till you meet the whole team!

When does the show perform? Daily on weekends, usually between 1 and 2 PM.  If you’re lucky enough to see the stunt show in action, you certainly won’t forget it.

Meet the Stunt Show Team

Who are the men that run this stunt show? Good question. We don’t have all the facts but we can share what we do know about these heavy equipment artisans.

  • Brandon was discovered as a toddler changing the oil on a Haul Truck in an Alaskan coal mine, he was raised by foremen and job site superintendents.
  • At 9 years old Brandon took ownership of his first construction project. 3 years later, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was completed.
  • Brandon once drove a Backhoe across America to raise awareness and money for the underprivileged in Haiti. You can watch some highlights from his trip here:
  • Backhoe Brandon joined the Diggerland team in November of 2013 when formal plans to open were announced. It was estimated that construction of the theme park would take the better part of 2 years. 7 months later Backhoe Brandon in conjunction with SAMBE Construction opened the doors to the United States First Construction Themed Amusement Park – Diggerland USA.
  • Equipment Specifications: Model – Blackwell dB 220 |  Operating Height: 6’4″ | Audible Range: 9.7 mi | Digging Depth: Unlimited
  • CAN YOU DIG IT? If it wasn’t for Blackwell and his play-by-play of the stunt show you might think some of these operators had simply gone nuts.
  • Why do we call him Bulldozer? Because nothing stops Blackwell from announcing the daily stunt show – NOTHING.
  • The area that Backhoe Brandon performs in was once a forest. We asked Blackwell to mow the lawn and by mistake he cleared 2 acres of timber with a Toyota and his bare hands.
  • “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If Bulldozer Blackwell took it down you’ll hear it alright.
  • For the safety of all our guests, we highly recommend you answer promptly should Bulldozer Blackwell ask the question, “Can You Dig It?”
  • Josh is a native to Jersey, a theme park encyclopedia, and BFF to Bulldozer Blackwell. They have matching excavator tattoos.
  • Junkyard has so much iron in his blood he must regularly allocate an extra 2 hours to pass through airport security checks.
  • A super storm once pulled a Seaside Heights Roller Coaster into the ocean, Junkyard Josh pulled it out. Read the full article here.
  • This All-American Heavy Equipment Artisan (sorry ladies, married) holds the world record for backhoe-wheelie-360s. Take a peak, or see him live at the stunt show.
  • Turns Ons: diesel fumes, world records, fluorescent vests. Turn Offs: paper work, TSA, following the rules.
  • Things Mike can fix if broken: backhoes, skid-steers, hydraulic systems, hearts.
  • Does Mike want to go grab coffee with you? No he doesn’t. Mike spends so much time in the backhoe JCB installed a coffee machine in the cab.
  • “Maintenance” is happy to sign autographs following stunt shows and remains humble despite becoming the most downloaded Valentine’s Day card for 2015.
  • During a 1974 interview, Dan Rather asked an aspiring young equipment operator what he wanted to be when he grew up.  “I’m goin’ be a tractor!” the young Maintenance Mike replied.
  • FAQ: Are those Mike’s real arms? Yes.
  • FAQCan Maintenance Mike fix my (insert broken appliance here)? Yes, but unfortunately Mike is so busy at Diggerland he is not currently accepting contract work.
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