Donation Requests

Community Support

Diggerland USA has proudly supported numerous area schools and organizations over the years with ticket donations for use in fundraising. To continue our support of the community, we have happily selected The SAMBULANCE Program as our primary charity beneficiary in an effort to help them further their mission. Donations will continue to be made in the form of general admission tickets to the park at a discounted rate. The SAMBULANCE Program will handle ticket allocation and is the beneficiary of all funding.

If your school or nonprofit organization has an upcoming event in need of auction or raffle prizes, we invite you to register your group through DonationMatch, which helps us accept, track, and fulfill requests. You are required to have or create a DonationMatch account to submit a request. This registration process is free.

  • Requests must be made at least 60 days prior to your event.
  • ALL requests must be made through DonationMatch.
  • We cannot accept mail, email, or fax donation requests.
  • We do not honor requests for memberships, gift certificates, food vouchers, group trips, monetary donations, complete baskets, merchandise, etc.


Please note that submission through Donation Match does not guarantee your request will be approved. We are grateful for the many causes that come to Diggerland USA to help support program growth and development. However, our resources are limited and we work hard to support as many events as possible.

Register with DonationMatch and Submit Your Request Online

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