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Magnum Rubber Band Guns

Nothing says fun like a rubber band gun! These wooden replicas are great for big kids who want to enjoy the same toys Mom and Dad played with as kids. From pistols to rifles, there are wooden guns in all shapes and sizes!

Magnum Rubber Band Models and Prices

  • JR M-60 Rifle: 34.95 (Yellow Ammo)
  • 1873 Winchester: 35.99 (Blue Ammo)
  • Rustler Pistol: 21.99 (Red Ammo)
  • 45 Pistol: 19.99 (Red Ammo)
  • M-16 Marauder Rifle: 38.99 (Blue Ammo)
  • Ultra Tech Pistol: 16.95 (Green Ammo)
  • Desert Eagle Gun: 24.99 (Red Ammo)
  • Colt 22 Pistol: 14.95 (Green Ammo)
  • Captain Jack Pistol: 19.99 (Red Ammo)
  • AK-47 Combat Riffle: 38.99 (Blue Ammo)
  • AK Commando Gun: 26.99 (Yellow Ammo)
  • 9mm Pistol: 19.99 (Green Ammo)


Extra Ammo!

  • Blue Ammo: 3.99
  • Green Ammo: 3.99
  • Red Ammo: 3.99
  • Yellow Ammo: 3.99

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Let the Fun Start!

Drive, ride and operate real machinery
at the ONLY construction theme park in America.
Located in West Berlin, New Jersey. 

Let the Fun Start!

Drive, ride and operate real machinery
in South Jersey at the ONLY
construction theme park in America.