Special Abilities Night

SAND – Special Abilities Night at Diggerland

Special Abilities Nights at Diggerland USA, or SAND events, provide fun, judgment-free evenings for individuals with special needs to enjoy with their family and friends and are made possible by the SAMBULANCE Safety Squad.

SAND events offer the exciting chance to dig, drive and ride real construction equipment while keeping the unique challenges of individuals with special needs in mind.

(Visiting with a special needs guest on a regular operating day? View our special needs page.)

Ticket Options

Admission to SAND events is $18.95. We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance online to expedite the admissions process. Ticket quantities are limited. You may also visit the park and purchase your wristbands any operating day prior to the event.

The next SAND Event is Friday, September 8th, 2017 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Modified Programming

SAND events feature the following:

  • Limited ticket sales
  • Reduced sensory input from lights and noise
  • Free ear plugs available Upon request
  • Ride and operational accommodations

Specific Accommodations

The Diggerland staff will make accommodations to ensure the success of the evening. However, safety restrictions remain in place, including height requirements. Please review these restrictions in depth to manage the expectations of your visit and ensure a fun evening for everyone.

You can view a full list of the ride requirements as well as accommodations online. Should you have additional questions about this event please reach out to our team using the form on this page. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant experience for the Special Needs Community.

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Special Needs

Contact Diggerland Regarding a Special Needs Visit

SAND Birthday Party Options

Available during our SAND events, guests may take advantage of celebrating a Birthday party for a special needs loved one. To inquire about a reservation for a SAND birthday, please call our birthday party department at 856-768-1110.

SAND party packages include the following:

  • Reserved table and celebration area in the party pavilion
  • Themed place settings for guests (plates, cups, napkins)
  • Two cheese pizzas
  • Four Pitchers of sodas
  • Bring your own cake!


Package Price: $99.95

Please note that this package does not include admission – all guests will still be required to purchase a SAND Event Ticket. 

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